Outdoor Floating Airtight Inflatable Water Park Games For Adults EN15649

Outdoor Airtight Inflatable Floating Water Park Games For Adults With EN15649





Inflatable waterpark is an amusement park that features water play areas, it is made up of such as swimming pools, water slides, water trampoline ,water totter, water action tower and other water games.
Inflatable water park have made life a lot easier for parents and more enjoyable for children. This is because this apparatus can be set up on the sea ,pool ,lake . It can also be used in both wet, and dry weather as the 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin used to make these slides is super-strong. These water toys range from small size to large slides that even adults can play and have fun in. Most people prefer renting the water park to use in activities ,parties and games in summer. These help keep the children happy and occupied while parents are busy with other tasks.





Material: 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin ( 32 OZ commercial grade{ PLATO})

(Can be customized).

Item Size Weight
Water trampoline 6m 100KGS
Water trampoline combo 7m 120KGS
Water totter single 4m*0.5m 25KGS
Water totter max 4m*1m 42KGS
Inflatable Water Blob 4.2*2.1m 35KGS
Water moonwalk 7mL*0.75m 20KGS
Water glider 3.7*1m 30KGS
Iceburg 6*4*5.0m 110KGS
Rock slider 3*2*2.1m 30KGS
Saturn 2.5*1.5m 30KGS
float 4mL*0.25m 20KGS


Water Toy Games Available:

1. Full Set of the Inflatable Water Park Games;

2. Inflatable Water Trampoline ComboToys;

3. Inflatable Water Slide ComboToys;

5. Water Totter+Water Blob+Float Tubes+Saturn, etc.

Workmanship: Airtight Sealed Inflatable by the hot-welding machine from the USA.
Shipping Method: By Sea& By Air& By Express
Production Time: 5-15 working days ( Based on the Quantity)
Payment Method: T/T or Western Union
Shipping Terms: EXW&FOB&CFR&CIF

1. Our inflatable water toys are CE approved;

2. Our inflatable water toys are made of the best material ( 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin)

3. Our water toys are airtight sealed inflatables;

4. All the water toy equipments are tested in the factory for days before shipping;

5. All the water toy equipments are packed in the durable PVC tarpaulin bag;

6. If you want best iflatable water park items, please do not hesitate to contact me.





1. High Quality Material:

Funcity company use Commercial grade 0.6mm and 0.9mm (1000D, 22OZ and 32OZ) PVC tarpaulin (Plato) which has 3 layers:two PVC coated up and down with a strong net fabric inside, which is fire retardant, water-proof,Anti-UV, and anti-ruptured.


2. Best Hot-Welding machine:

Airtight sealed inflatable, made by the advanced hot-welding machine from the USA.















Inflatable Water Park

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